Micro HF main 1G8 Sennheiser

Bande 1,8 GHz
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UHF Wireless System Handheld Transmitter SKM 100 G4-S With mute switch Frequency range: 1G8 (1785 - 1800 MHz) Dynamic 42 MHz bandwidth 20 Frequency banks with up to 12 presets for each Up to 20 compatible channels Fast frequency allocation for up to 12 recipients via link function with RJ10 connection Frequency response 25 - 18,000 Hz Frequency transmission via infrared interface Handheld transmitter with charging contacts for optional battery BA 2015 (NiMH) Pilot tone Autotune to find free frequencies Integrated EQ Audio gain over 60 dB range Soundcheck mode 4-Digit battery indicator on transmitter and receiver HDX compander LCD with AF level and channel display 10 mW transmission power 2 BNC antenna connectors XLR male balanced and jack unbalanced Power supply 10.5 - 16 V DC
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  • Modèle EW 300 1G8
  • Marque : Sennheiser